Our team at Portrait Homes Northwest has been working on this new home in Scappoose, Oregon which is nearing completion. In this blog post, you’ll get a sneak peek inside this home which features high ceilings and exposed beams. The time-lapse video below shows the crew hoisting the beams for this project.

Hoisting the beams into place! See more of our projects at: www.portraithomesnorthwest.com/portfolio/#Portland #Contractors

Posted by Portrait Homes Northwest on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Once the external structure was ready, some additional work was done on the landscaping and interior. Below you’ll see that the newly painted home has been backfilled, and straw and grass seed application completed. Also, the exposed areas of the interior beams were clear-stained.

These exposed beams are clear-stained and provide a wonderful accent to the angles of the ceiling.

Finally, pictured below is the straw which covers the newly applied grass seed while it is germinating.

Covering the grass seed with a layer of straw not only helps with germination, but also erosion during the rainy season, and it’s helpful in keeping the area clean for the homeowners.  Our clients are grateful that we care about keeping the area neat and presentable even though the area is flat.

One of our goals at Portrait Homes Northwest is to keep both the interior and exterior tidy during and after our projects as this helps to provide a more comfortable building or remodeling experience for our clients.

Completing some external facets of the project meant the addition of the grass seed, shown here covered by the straw which helps protect the seeds during the germination process.

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